Pattison, Sampson, Ginsberg & Griffin, PLLC.

Policy Development, Revision and Implementation

With the constant regulation changes being implemented by the Government It is more important than ever to actively manage policy compliance. The Federal Government, largely through the U. S. Education Department Office for Civil Rights, is actively prosecuting those in violation of the Title IX Regulations and mandates.

Pattison, Sampson, Ginsberg & Griffin, PLLC provides guidance in drafting Title IX compliant policies, implementation and application of those policies, and revision of such policies when appropriate. (Including)

  • Establishing Coordinators
  • Reporting Stage
  • Offering of Counseling
  • Protective Measures
  • Informal Resolution
  • Investigation Stage
  • Determination Stage
  • Hearing Stage
  • Appeal Stage


Pattison, Sampson, Ginsberg & Griffin, PLLC has experienced Title IX investigators on staff that can provide impartial investigations regarding all matters including the most sensitive ones. We have investigated a multitude of Title IX complaints with the goal of obtaining the necessary evidence required to make a proper and fair determination supported by the evidence.


We offer Title IX based training for coordinators, investigators, support personnel, public safety officers and administrators, and hearing officers. Providing the parties to a Title IX matter a fair and reasonable process requires appropriate training and an understanding of the applicable policies and procedures.

Lawsuit Defense

Now more than ever educational institutions are finding themselves in Court defending the decisions being made in Title IX cases. Pattison, Sampson, Ginsberg & Griffin, PLLC has extensive experience in such court proceedings and has achieved great success on behalf of its clients throughout the Capital District of New York.

Defense of U.S. Education Department Office of Civil Rights (OCR) Complaints

In addition to bringing lawsuits, complaints regarding Title IX violations can also be made to the U.S. Education Department Office for Civil Rights. Such Office will pursue the complaint and investigate it at no fee to the complainant. The Office for Civil Rights has the authority to issue findings, sanctions and penalties.

The U.S. Education Department Office for Civil Rights enforces Federal civil rights laws that prohibit discrimination in programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance from the Department of Education.

Discrimination on the basis of gender is prohibited by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. Included is discrimination based on pregnancy, parental status, and sex stereotypes (such as treating people disparately because they do not conform to gender expectations or because they are attracted to or are in relationships with others of the same sex).