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The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a constantly evolving statute that requires vigilant monitoring to ensure compliance. The attorneys of Pattison Sampson Ginsberg & Griffin, PLLC are highly proficient in ADA practice as well as applicable state and local disability codes including retaliation and harassment-based offenses.


Our firm has the expertise to represent clients that range from small family-owned businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and government entities. We are always prepared to zealously defend clients that are classified under Title III of the ADA as public accommodations and Title II as public entities against ADA lawsuits and Department of Justice (DOJ) proceedings.

Not only have claims alleging denied public access increased throughout the recent years, claims alleging discrimination on the basis of disability in the employment sector have also exponentially increased. Our attorneys advise businesses in virtually every industry and defend against these allegations to maintain a productive work force within the business.

Whether defending against access and public accommodation claims or disability discrimination allegations, ADA cases disrupt business and the attorneys of Pattison Sampson Ginsberg & Griffin, PLLC are skilled in assisting companies throughout the Capital Region of New York with establishing, implementing, and enforcing proactive policies to reduce the risk of claims.


The ADA is designed to eliminate all discriminatory effects of transportation, architectural, and communicator barriers for individuals with disabilities. The ADA defines 12 categories of facilities that are considered places of public accommodation which are prohibited from denying a person with disabilities from participating in or benefiting from the goods, services, facilities, privileges or accommodations of any such entity. Further, such entities are prohibited from providing an unequal benefit or a separate benefit based on one’s disability. Any categorical public accommodation that prevents equal access to individuals with a disability is in violation of the ADA and the attorneys of Pattison Sampson Ginsberg & Griffin, PLLC are prepared to advocate for equal treatment in such event.

Additionally, the ADA prohibits an employer from discriminating against a qualified employee based on that person’s history of disability or the employer’s belief that a qualified employee has a mental or physical impairment. Common ADA violations include: an employer’s failure to provide a reasonable accommodation for an employee’s disability; not granting an employee temporary leave for a medical issue; not hiring a capable employee due to a disability; terminating employment of an employee who requests an accommodation, among others.

Pattison Sampson Ginsberg & Griffin, PLLC has years of experience representing aggrieved individuals in the Capital District of New York who have been treated unfairly due to their disability or perceived disability and our team is prepared to vigorously represent any such injustice.