Export Control Compliance Saratoga NY

Export Control Compliance

Our firm is trusted by companies and institutions of all sizes to assist in complying with complex export control regulations in the transfer of goods, technology, software, services and information to foreign nations and foreign destinations.

National security is at the forefront of our nation’s concerns and government scrutiny of domestic and international transactions has significantly increased under export control laws. Significant criminal and civil penalties can result from violating the evolving and confusing laws associated with export control compliance and our clients require the experience and due diligence of the Pattison Firm to comply with the myriad of developing laws and various agencies tasked with oversight of this industry.

Export control compliance is particularly relevant to individuals involved in industries including aerospace, robotics, software, information technology, nuclear powers, automotive and telecommunication.

We take pride in our firm’s ability to provide effective, practical, business-sensitive and risk-based guidance on a wide-range of export, trade sanction, anti-corruption, foreign investment and other international trade compliance concerns.

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