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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Lambert L. Ginsberg, Esq. Receives “Ebby” Award

The Senior Partner of Pattison Sampson Ginsberg & Griffin, P.C. received the “Ebby Award” at the Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce’s 2013 Van Rensselaer awards dinner. Congratulations!!

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Common Estate Planning Errors

Yahoo recently posted an article on some common estate planning errors that points out certain issues that should be considered when establishing an estate plan. There are plenty of other pitfalls to be avoided which emphasize the need to consult

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Pattison Firm Successful in Mitchel v. City of Troy

Congratulations to Firm Atty. Don Shanley for his success in having Mitchel v. City of Troy discontinued. This matter involved a labor/HR issue which was resolved in our clients favor. Great job Don!

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Pattison Firm Victorious in Pennsylvania Case

Michael Ginsberg, Esq. of Pattison Sampson Ginsberg & Griffin P.C. was successful in having the Plaintiff”s case dismissed in Federal District Court in Pennsylvania in Petrik and Zimmerman v. Correctional Eyecare. The matter was highly contested however the Court agreed

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Lambert Ginsberg, Esq. To Receive The Edward H. Pattison “The Ebbie” Citizenship Award

The Firm is proud to announce that This year’s Edward H. Pattison Citizenship Award, also known as “The Ebbie,” will be presented to Lambert Ginsberg, Esq. Attorney at Pattison, Sampson, Ginsberg & Griffin, PC for his exemplary commitment to improving

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Is our Society Too Sue Happy?

In today’s society it seems that every time you turn around you are confronted by some ridiculous lawsuit getting attention in the press. I have certainly seen my share. Like the PHD student that fired all of his advisors and sued

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Constitutional Issues Before the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals

This is a follow up to the April 24, 2013 post. The “verdict” is in! Michael Ginsberg, Esq. was successful in his arguement to the highest Federal Court in NYS in Norwood v. City of Troy. In a highly contentious case the

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Constitutional Arguement Re-Post

April 24 at 11:17am · Michael Ginsberg will be arguing constitutional issues tomorrow before The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, the highest Federal Court in NYS, in Norwood v. The City of Troy.

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